New Year, New Everything


After a semester-long hiatus, I’m back! I’m writing this post from my adorable flat in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona. I’ll be studying here until April and I’m so excited to getting back to this blog. 

This is my first time in Europe and every changing minute I’m amazed at how different life here is. I notice certain similarities to Miami culture (where I grew up), but overall people are just so incredibly relaxed. So far, I have had all positive experiences while exploring the city these past couple days and would like to share some interesting observations.

– My exchange program has a lot of international students and I met some recently during a mixer at a bar. What I learned: Norwegian girls look like supermodels and every other person is an Economics major (unlike my home university where Econ majors are a minority).

– Spanish pigeons are relentless and also very fat. 

– Sitting at a bar for coffee and a croissant makes me feel very grown up and receipts/change are routinely served on a pretty, tiny plate with a money clip which I find endearing and  practical. 

– There are street cleaners, window washers, sidewalk sweepers, and litter-pick-er-uppers everywhere. They are easily spotted by their highlighter yellow jumpsuits.

– The metro is quite easy to understand and police men are all really well orientated and are very nice when you ask for directions!

– Everyone wears nice, or at least semi-nice clothes EVERYWHERE. I went downstairs to pick up a snack in a sweatshirt and sweatpants and felt like the whole world was staring at me.

– Ham-flavored chips exist.


*Photo taken as the sun was setting over Passieg de Colom




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