vegan cupcakes can be delicious and the Pacific Northwest is pretty amazing

Lately, someone has been bringing the cutest cupcakes to work (see crappy cell phone photo below) and I have happily indulged in a couple of them. They weren’t that tasty, but sure made up for it in adorable-ness. During a recent dinner-making party, I decided to look up a chai based cupcake. Why would anyone ever think of putting chai into a cupcake? BECAUSE, internet, it’s like rainbows touching your tastebuds. While I didn’t have all of the raw ingredients to make chai, I had some nice Stash Chai tea bags, so I decided to go the chai frosting/chocolate cake combo – heavenly.

I promised you all a recipe for cupcakes that will knock your knickers off and here they are:


Sadly, this is not my photo (or recipe) because, well, I’m not an experienced vegan baker and the cupcakes were eaten so quickly I didn’t even have time to snap a photo. Yeah, they’re that good.

Pro tip #1: I used vanilla-flavored, unsweetened, almond milk. It adds a more flavorful twist to the cake.
Pro tip #2: Add a little extra cocoa powder, I used closer to 1/2 cup as opposed to the suggested 1/3 cup. It makes for a more dense cake.
Pro tip #3: I don’t have the patience to learn how to properly frost cupcakes, so mine never look like the perfectly piped ones in the photo.  Also that isn’t really a pro tip but I thought it was applicable.

I also took the most amazing trip around Northern California and later spent a week in Oregon (for work). I tried to soak up all of the crisp air, mountainous views, and sky-high trees, but I already want to go back. The food in Napa & Sonoma valleys was spectacular, the views near Lake Tahoe were breathtaking, and Cannon Beach in Oregon was one of the mistiest, most magical places I have ever seen. Photos to come in my next post!

Trying to be a hip traveler,


PS: Here’s a great quote I heard while watching TV this evening. I feel that it resonates with my whole life motto (however,I am trying to move more towards acceptance and less of a battle over control).

“I believe in controlling everything and putting cheese on stuff”
– Sutton Foster’s character Michelle in the ABC Family Series “Bunheads”.


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