Swing: The Salsa of the West?

This past weekend was a really fun, quirky, sporadic one. I rushed to my ‘friday night groove’ hot yoga class after work and felt all of my cares (literally) melt away once I stepped into the studio. You seriously melt, it’s HOT in there. After listening to a room full of Malibu Barbie-looking girls chant their size 0 hearts out in Sanskrit (awkward), we plunged sweat-first into a great class. I still haven’t gotten used to how pretty people in California are. It’s almost as if they have some sort of inner glow that causes a bio-luminescence that draws foreign eyes toward them. Oh never mind, that’s called a tan.

After yoga, I headed to downtown Sacramento with a couple of interns to do some Swing dancing for the first time! Once I entered the antique ballroom, heard the sounds of the jazz combo, and saw the immaculately period-dressed hipsters, I was in love. The basic steps were pretty easy to pick up and I got asked to dance so courteously that I could never refuse the nerdiest/sweatiest looking people. For the record, nerdy/sweaty people are the best friends because they know what real life is about.

At a couple of times in the night I became entranced by the beautiful movement sweeping over the unlikely crowd on the dance floor. It was almost as if a bunch of odd misfits got together and decided to throw a swingin’, swayin’ soiree and I felt right at home.

Moving from Miami to Pittsburgh (where I live most of the year due to school) made me miss the vibrant Latin parties full of Salsa and Merengue dancing. I had long wondered what real American people do if they just want to go out dancing. While I may not be a fancy swing dancer (yet!), I can tell that this merge of great music and movement is going on my list of favorite things.

Oh I also went to the state fair, ate more fried goodies, took a long lone stroll through the mall, re-discovered my caffeine dependence, and cooked/baked a ton of things. Stay tuned for some cupcakes that will probably change your life.


Photo credit: http://arts2go.org/?q=node/898


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