On keeping up a blog and other crunchy things…

This online thought journal has proven to be difficult to maintain, but I’m desperately trying to cling on to what little I own in the blog-o-sphere. Maybe it’s an inner attempt to make myself feel more hip and intellectual. I don’t really know. But what I do know is that once I can finally organize my brain, things seem to flow pretty well. I also know that crunchy food is amazing.

Unfortunately, kettle cooked potato chips, and blue corn tortilla chips pack A LOT of not-so-nice ingredients. Even if they are all-natural, the fried nature of the chips (as well as the caloric value of potato and corn) is something I try to avoid. Most of the time this avoidance is futile, because I almost always end up chowing down on that oily, crunchy goodness. Until I discovered these:

Kale Chips 

Literally just nutrient-packed kale tossed in extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper ~ baked to crunchy perfection. I used this recipe, but have been trying different seasonings as well. Garlic powder adds some nice spice and grated Parmesan cheese adds some nice flavor, but at a fattening expense. I find the taste of raw or steamed kale to be pretty bitter and not nice at all, but these chips have great flavor!

Pro-tip #1: Make sure you really dry your kale leaves after washing them. Baking moist kale will result in a steamed, soft version of the vegetable that isn’t very chip-like.

Pro-tip #2: Kale leaves shrink a lot when baked, so make sure you make a whole lot of these because I guarantee they will be eaten quickly!

Healthy hugs,



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