Thoughts on Java

Warm drinks make me feel great. Work is a tad slow this morning, so I’ve been sipping on my coffee for about an hour now while scrolling through e-mails and finding small tasks to do. It’s not really warm anymore which kind of stinks, but it still tastes awesome because it’s vanilla flavored and anything vanilla flavored is automatically awesome in my book.
The above image is from, the website for my favorite cup of coffee in Pittsburgh. I have yet to find an amazing place in California (rec’s are always appreciated!), but I’ll be back in San Francisco this weekend and plan on visiting North Beach just for some cappuccino.

Sometimes I worry that I drink too much caffeine, but usually 1-2 mugs a day is more than enough. Mostly, I love the taste of coffee. Don’t worry tea, you have an eternally special place in my heart too, but morning coffee takes the metaphorical (adorned with cinnamon, sugar, and pecans in my fantasies) cake. Perhaps I could switch to decaf, but the thought of not being incredibly awake and focused after breakfast every weekday morning is downright scary.

I blame college a bit for my quasi-addiction. I do know people, who at 20, cannot function without a cup of joe. This brings me to another thought. Why Joe? Were Bill, Ted, Chris, and Nick (those were the first 4 generic male names I could think of) automatically energized every morning?  They probably drink super-antioxidant-infused kale smoothies with a side of raw nuts for breakfast. Man, that sounds awesome but who has the will to blend themselves a fresh smoothie everyday? After working at a Robek’s one summer, I don’t usually voluntarily blend things.

I guess the free, unlimited, and usually fresh, coffee at work is contributing to this habit. But it’s just soooooo good.
How do you take your coffee, and how awesome does it make you feel?


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