Be there, the Fair!

This summer, I’m looking forward to exploring the beautiful, sunny, West coast of the US! In between work days, I’ll be blogging about different places and experiences. This past weekend was my first adventure starting with….Wal-Mart! While being bargain heaven was lovely, I was happy to get out of there with some friends and explore the local county fair. All of the cowboy-esque activities  made me a little confused at first, because I always connect boots, horses, and cattle to Texas and the Mid-West, but I never realized that “Western” also extends to California! It’s the silly epiphanies that make life so ridiculously funny. After I’d had my share of pigs, chickens, and hay, we decided to explore the plethora of food options. Having become a pescatarian (the only ‘meat’ products I eat are fish/seafood) last September, I’m still getting adjusted to the lifestyle and encountered some temptation in all of that slow roasted barbecue. In the end, I settled for some buttery corn on the cob and a platter of deep fried veggies with homemade ranch. Along with the greasy goodness, we also rode the “Starship” (a crazy, smelly, g-force ride that made us laugh uncontrollably), and saw a great country singer! Doing something a little different than the usual dinner or movie was really fun, and I’d definitely recommend everyone to check out community events like this one!

I rarely like zucchini, but this one was fried to perfection! The mushrooms and artichoke hearts were also delicious – I will definitely be attempting something like this in my own kitchen soon.

This bright blue sky still gets me every time I walk outside.

A really chubby bunny that looks angry in a really cute way. 🙂


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